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The road to becoming one of the leading manufacturers of Brewery Chiller systems began in the early 1990s with a fortunate meeting with a young startup company that would become a leader in Brewery System design and manufacturing, JV Northwest. The successful partnership provided JVNW an important piece of their total package and provided Pro a resource for marketing, sales, and supporting their systems to the craft beer market. As the craft beer market changed, with many breweries working directly with Chiller System Manufacturers, Pro and JVNW made the tough decision to end the partnership. In 2000, the KnockDown™ Chiller System was officially retired and the Pro Chiller System™ was released directly to the Craft Beer Market.

Today there are several hundred breweries entrusting their beers to Pro Chiller Systems, from small 3 Bbl breweries with an annual production of a couple hundred barrels a year to the large regional breweries producing several hundred thousand barrels. You can find Pro each year at the Craft Brewers Conference and Exhibition, visiting the Great American Beer Festival, and touring as many breweries as possible.

Visit to read numerous articles about brewery cooling systems as well as peruse over 100 posts of guidance, advise and suggestions by Pro CEO, Jim Vandergiessen Jr. to the brewing community. (Bulletin Board Name is jimvgjr)

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