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At Pro Refrigeration we strive to provide you with world class support for your Pro Chiller Systems. It is our belief that providing you with a high quality chiller systems must be coupled with an outstanding customer service experience. If you need to speak with a customer service representative please call us at 253-735-9466.





Q: What is Propylene Glycol?
A: Propylene Glycol is simply a Food Grade Antifreeze, required when a food product is being cooled and there is a chance of direct contact between the two mediums. The glycol, mixed with city water, enables us to operate our chiller systems in the 20 F-35 F Design Operating Temperature Range.
Q: What Type of Glycol Should I use?
A: Pro offers an Inhibited Glycol solution, meaning the solution contains corrosion and rust inhibitors to protect your system. The solution also contains an orange dye to help locate expensive glycol leaks.
Q: What Percentage of Propylene Glycol Will My System Require?
A: The temperature of the refrigerant will be 10° to 15° F below your Chiller System setpoint temperature. So with a +27° Glycol Temperature, your refrigerant temperature is probably +12° to +17° F.
We require the freeze level of your Glycol/Water Solution to be 20°- 25° F. below your chiller system setpoint.
In colder climates make sure that the glycol freeze level is lower than extreme ambient conditions. We do not require the freeze level to be 20 F. below winter extreme conditions.
Most Pro Chiller customers will operate with a 35% Glycol to 65% Water Solution. This will protect the Glycol/Water Solution from freeze up to +1 F.
Click Here For Our Glycol Freeze Point Concentration Chart
Q: How Much Glycol Will I Need For My System?
A: Calculating your total system volume can be tedious but an improper glycol percentage will greatly affect the systems operating efficiency. A rough estimate can be calculated by adding the estimated volume of your total system piping, plus your tank jackets, and the reservoir size on your chiller system. Your plumbing contractor and tank manufacturer can help with piping and jacket volume estimates- the chiller system tank capacity should be listed in the owner manual or by calling the factory at 800.845.7781 and providing your system Serial and Model number.
After you've calculated the rough estimate, we suggest you add propylene glycol and water at a 50/50 concentration until your storage tank is at least 50% full. Allow the system to circulate for 15 minutes and then check the percentage using a refractometer. The chart below provides conversion to degree brix. Based on this reading you can then adjust the ratio of glycol to water to complete the charge of the system. For most applications a freeze point between 0 and +5 F is ideal.
Click Here For Our Glycol Freeze Point Concentration Chart
Q: What is the MCA/MOP?
A: MCA is the Minimum Circuit Ampacity (It is chosen to guarantee that the wiring will not overheat under the expected operating conditions. The MCA is not the normal operating current, but used for selecting wire sizes) 125% of the largest motor FLA + the remaining sum.
MOP is the Maximum Overcurrent Protection (The maximum overcurrent protection (MOP) is the maximum circuit breaker / fuse size required to properly protect the equipment under anticipated fault conditions.) 225% of the largest motor FLA + the remaining sum.
You will find the MCA and MOP ratings inside the electrical control panel. Your electrical power supply must be larger than the MCA and smaller than the MOP.
Q: What should I do after unloading a Pro Chiller?
A: Immediately upon receiving shipment, equipment should be inspected for evidence of any damage received in transit. If shipping damage has occurred, a claim should be made with the transportation company, and your equipment representative should be advised of the nature of the damage. Each System is supplied with Refrigerant Pressure gauges, simply note on the packing slip if either of these gauges indicates a loss of pressure. System pressure will vary depending on outside temperature, but should be between 50 and 100 PSIG.
Equipment covers should be removed as soon as possible and the system inspected for shipping damage. Even if you have signed off on the packing slip there is still a short window to report any damage and file a claim with the transportation company. Please confirm the name plate data (located within electrical control panel) matches the original order acknowledgment (equipment model numbers, voltage, refrigerant, etc.).
Q: Does Pro Refrigeration Inc. provides Installation or System Start Up?
A: As a manufacturer, Pro does not provide installation service of their system. Pro does offer to provide Factory Start Up Assistance on each system, we will work with your installation and service contractor to make certain the unit is installed correctly and operating at maximum efficiency from the start. Factory Start Up is offered for $900 per day plus travel expenses. Customers also receive an additional 6 months of basic warranty coverage, extended from 12 months to 18 months from start up or from 15 months to 21 months from shipment date (whichever occurs first).
Q: What is the Standard Pro Chiller System Warranty?
A: Our warranty is 12 months from start up, or 15 months from shipment date, against component failure and workmanship flaws. If the customer invests in a Factory Start Up, the base warranty is extended by 6 months (18 months from startup or 21 months from shipment date).
Pro also provides a 60 month replacement warranty on the Spiral Drum Heat Exchanger. This however does not cover damage due to freeze up.
On systems supplied with Bitzer Semi-hermetic Compressors, Pro provides a 24 month replacement warranty, this is good from date of shipment.
For details please refer to our Warranty form that be found here..
Q: Do I need to purchase my Pro Chiller through a Distributor, or will Pro sell direct?
A: About 50% of the systems we manufacture are sold directly to the end user, these range from small boutique wineries to Large Food Processing Plants. It is true that a company can often save a few percent by purchasing direct, but you should keep in mind that buying direct does place more responsibility on the purchaser. Many details such as; shipping coordination, warranty repairs, installation scheduling, rigging, etc will need to be taken care of b y the purchaser.
If you are working with a contractor, consultant, or equipment supplier, we would be happy to work directly with them to coordinate a system proposal with load estimate and options and features. For a referral to a dealer that covers your region, please give us a call.
Q:Ton vs BTU/HR?
A:Each 12HP refrigeration circuit will provide 92,834 BTU/HR based on 28F glycol and 90F ambient temperatures. This is equal to approximately 7.5 Tons of refrigeration capacity.
1 ton = 12,000 BTU/hour. Dependingon the system’s operating conditions, you will get different “tonnages” out of the same HP compressor. For example, in the same 12HP compressor listed above, if you raised your system set point from 28F glycol to 45F glycol and the ambient temperatures remained at 90F, your capacity would increase to 135,038 BTU/HR (11 Tons).
One Ton of Refrigeration removes the amount of heat needed to melt one ton of ice in 24 hours. One Ton of Refrigeration can remove 12,000 B.T.U.'s of heat in one hour. The B.T.U. is the amount of heat needed to raise 1 lb. of pure water 1 deg F.

Preventive Maintenance

As with any Mechanical Equipment, the more care and attention invested, the longer the service life you will receive. Pro provides the following Preventive Maintenance Schedule that can be used as a guide by your refrigeration contractor or plant maintenance personnel. We suggest this form be completed quarterly, using the same sheet to compare and notice operating trends that might indicate an issue.

In addition to completing the Preventive Maintenance Form, there are some quick steps anyone can take to quickly ensure the system is operating at its peak:

WATER COOLED CONDENSERS - Water cooled condensers should be checked for scale build up and blockage. An indication of a fouled water cooled condenser is a very low temperature difference between the entering and exiting condenser water and high head pressures. This should be checked several times per year or in the event high head pressure problems occur.

AIR COOLED CONDENSERS - Air cooled condensers coil must be kept clean through a regular preventive maintenance program. Visually inspect the coil and clean any debris, dust, grease that blocks airflow across the coil. A soft bristled brush can be used to clean the fin surface of dirt, dust, and non grease residue. Special coil cleaning detergents should be used annually to treat and clean the condensers on an as needed basis, cleaning should be conducted by trained refrigeration technician to prevent system damage due to exposure to cleaning elements, water, etc.

CHECK REFRIGERANT LEVEL - locate the liquid line sightglass on the liquid refrigerant line. With compressor ON and system in Refrigeration Mode, the Liquid Line Sightglass should be completely clear, with no bubbles.

COMPRESSOR OIL LEVEL - Oil level should be checked regularly. Oil should be visible in oil sight glass (located on side of compressor). Sightglass should be 1/4 to 1/2 full. Too much oil can be a problem and care should be taken to maintain proper sight glass level.

CHECK ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS - Periodically check all electrical connections for possible loose or corroded wiring. Motor Contactors should be replaced annually, visit our webstore for replacement component pricing.

CHECK SYSTEM OPERATING DATA- Monitor system pressure(s) daily and amperage(s) monthly. Find these items on the Preventive Maintenance Sheet.

GLYCOL PERCENTAGE - Check system glycol tank level and percentages for proper freeze point. The freeze point should be at least 20 degrees F lower than the operating set point temperature.
Click Here For Our Glycol Freeze Point Concentration Chart


1. All orders must be in writing and are subject to acceptance by PRO REFRIGERATION INC. at its principle office in Auburn, Washington, United States of America.

2. Prices are subject to change without prior notice and PRO REFRIGERATION INC. reserves the right to invoice the products sold at prices in effect at the time or times of shipment. Prices do not include any LOCAL, STATE, FEDERAL, OR FOREIGN TAXES OR EXCISES.

3. Risk or loss shall in every case pass to purchaser upon delivery of goods to the possession of the freight carrier or customer. PRO REFRIGERATION INC. shall have no responsibility for any claimed shortages unless 1) PRO is notified within ten (10) days after receipt of goods, 2) Agent or carrier has with-in such time has been notified of such shortages by purchaser, or 3) Purchaser has filed claim with carrier for the damage or shortage claimed.

4. Any delivery dates that may be indicated herein are estimates only and are not guaranteed, Pro Refrigeration shall not be held liable for any delay in performance or for non-performance caused by circumstances or events beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to: Fire, Labor Disputes or Shortages, Accidents, Factory Conditions, War, Government Action, or Inability to Obtain Material, Fuel, Equipment, Supplies, or Transportation.

5. PRO REFRIGERATION INC. reserves the right to change Specifications, Design, & Material in the interest of product improvement, without incurring obligation to purchaser.

6. In lieu of all other Warranties expressed or implied, including without limitation implied warranties of merchants ability and of fitness for a particular purpose, Pro Refrigeration Inc. warrants its products to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service when properly installed and applied. The fore going warranty shall not apply to, and the purchaser shall have sole responsibility for any defects attributable in whole or in part to A) Failure to properly install the products, B) Failure to use the products in accordance with installation and operating instructions, C) Any determination by purchaser or others that the products are not of proper size, configuration, or capacity of intended use, D) The negligence of inexperience of the purchaser or its employees or agents, or E) Any other cause beyond reasonable control of Pro Refrigeration Inc. The liability of Pro Refrigeration Inc. under such warranty is limited to the repair or replacement FOB Factory, at Pro's option, of any part or parts which Pro's examination shall disclose to its satisfaction to have been defective in material and/or workmanship. And Pro Refrigeration Inc. shall in no event be responsible for 1) the cost of any work done by purchaser or employees of purchaser on products furnished by Pro Refrigeration Inc. or 2) for any consequential damage. Such warranties shall be limited to defects of which Pro Refrigeration Inc. is notified within one (1) year(s) of start-up of product or fifteen (15) months from factory ship date of product claimed to be defective. On parts furnished by Pro Refrigeration Inc., which are manufactured by others, Pro Refrigeration Inc. extends the same warranty it receives from such manufacturers.

7. No products sold by Pro Refrigeration Inc. shall be returned without Pro Refrigeration's written permission. Products returned shall be subject to a handling and transportation charge.

We pride ourselves on building a high quality system that will give the customer years of service, if a problem occurs it is a top priority that the problem is repaired. The information listed below is based on our standard system warranty. If the system fails within the warranty period, due to defective components or flawed factory workmanship, please follow the steps outlined below.

FAULTY COMPONENT All of the components on the Chiller System carry the original component manufacturer's warranty. Typically the warranty period is one year from date of start-up or 15 months from date of factory shipment.
Spiral Drum Evaporators have a 5 year replacement warranty from date of shipment.
BitzerT SemiHermetic Reciprocating Compressors have a 2 Year replacement warranty from date of shipment.
In the event of a component failure, the defective component will be replaced by Pro. When a component is diagnosed as faulty, please call our warranty department at (253) 735-9477. They will issue a RMA (Returned Material Authorization) number, when the defective component is received a replacement will then be shipped. All freight costs must be pre-paid. If a defective component is needed immediately, we will ship a replacement when we are notified of the problem. We will then send an invoice for the component and when the defective component is received and inspected, a credit for the invoice will be issued.
Our warranty covers only the replacement of the defective component; it does not cover labor to install component, shipping costs, or lost product due to the defective component. Component warranties are void if the component or chiller system is being used outside of the design parameters.

Our chillers are warranted against flaws in workmanship for a period of one year from the date of start-up or 15 months from the date of factory shipment. All of our chillers must pass a stringent quality check list before being approved for shipment; unfortunately some problems may be unnoticed. If a system is found to possess a workmanship flaw please call the factory, (253) 735-9477, and inform us of the defect which was detected. We will request a written quotation by a certified refrigeration mechanic to perform the repair. All supplies that are used for the repair will be supplied by us or they must be listed in written quotation. We will then decide either to accept the quotation or have the repair performed by Pro or a refrigeration contractor of our choice.
If a repair is needed immediately, please call us at (253) 735-9477 and we will do our best to take care of the problem promptly.

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