Cool-Fit ABS Plus Piping

Georg Fischer Cool-Fit ABS is a complete preinsulated plastic pipe system for secondary cooling and refrigeration piping systems. The system has been tried and tested in a variety of applications since 1986.


The system is water tight, vapor tight, and rated for temperatures between –58°F and 104°F, making it ideal for the transportation of chilled water, iced water, salt solutions, glycol solutions and organic salt solutions.

· Cool-Fit ABS PlusPre-Insulated pipe and fittings delivered ready to install direct to site. Insulation high density PUR with a black PE outer jacket. UV and weathering resistant, water and vapor tight, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

· Complete System–Carrier pipe system ABS, low temperature and high impact resistant. Manual and actuated valves for shutoff and flow control. Transition unions for plastic
to metal connections.

· Joining Technology– Cool-Fit nipples for jointing inside pipe diameters, the PUR insulation does not need to be removed before performing a joint. The joints use the tried and tested solvent cement technique with TANGIT ABS Solvent Cement.

· Benefits IncludeMinimum on site time, considerable cost savings and top quality product, backed by a 25 year warranty.

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